Baker Tilly International Limited (Baker Tilly International) is a private company limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales. It is owned by its members, all of whom hold an equal interest in the legal entity. Client services are delivered by Baker Tilly members, each of which is a locally owned and managed independent firm. Each governs itself and handles its administrative matters locally, and is responsible for its own liabilities.

The rights and obligations of Baker Tilly member firms are set out in the Bye-laws and Articles of Association and included in the individual member firm agreements that each firm signs before joining Baker Tilly International.

The network is governed by the Board of Directors, supported by a Global Office team.

To facilitate communication, co-ordination of actions and the sharing of best practice, Baker Tilly International is divided into four regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America, each supported by a regional advisory council.

Baker Tilly International and its member firms collectively are referred to as Baker Tilly.